Frequently Asked Questions

1. What policies should I follow while I'm at your games?

This isn't a frequent question, but it should be! One of the main reasons our games are so successful is that our players work hard to stay positive, and to cooperate with each other and with the storytellers. We want to keep that welcoming atmosphere, so please take a short time to read through our policies.

Our policies are not just for boring legal stuff; they include a list of behaviours that can actually get you removed from one of our games. Please read the policies. They're real. 

2. Do I need to be an experienced LARPer to come to one of your games?

Nope! The Fate system we run on is pretty easy to learn, and we always have a tutorial for newcomers on the first night of game. If you need a primer on the rules, you can also read our Fate 101 online. If you're playing a spellcasting character, you will also need to read Spellcasting 101 for our house rules on spellcasting in the Dresden Files.

3. Do I need to have read the Dresden Files series to come to one of your games?

You don't have to have read the books, but you should absolutely mention that you haven't done so when you email us asking for characters. We don't want to give you a character that requires in-depth knowledge of the setting if you have to do a month's worth of studying just to play it; that's no fun for you or for us.

4. What rules system do you use to run your LARPs?

We use the Dresden Files tabletop RPG system, written by Evil Hat. We use the core rulebooks, including Your Story and Our World. We have not integrated any of the rules from the Paranet Papers, though we often have custom templates, stunts, and powers in our games.

We use Fate decks instead of Fate dice in our games, to help the live action game run more smoothly. You do not need to bring a card deck; all of our storytellers have one.

5. When does this game take place in the timeline of the books?

Our games assume that the books never happened. Harry Dresden does not exist in our setting, and anything he has done or been involved with has not happened as a consequence.

You can safely assume that anything mentioned in the books which happened in WWII or before is canon. Anything after that is new. All of the same institutions mentioned in the books do exist, but some influential figures in the setting (such as faerie knights, Knights of the Cross, or Senior Councillors) may be entirely different.