About Urban Myths

Who Are We?

Urban Myths got its start running Dresden Files LARPs and tabletops at GenCon in 2013. Many of our players and storytellers go back with GenCon far further; a lot of us still have a special place in our heart for Changeling: The Dreaming. We decided that we wanted a more welcoming atmosphere, a more cooperative gaming system, and a bigger emphasis on roleplaying. And that's how a bunch of Canadians, Texans, and everything in between started their own gaming group.

In 2018, Urban Myths started MythCon, a small gaming convention in Montreal, Quebec. We now run most of our games at MythCon, where the venue is quieter and we have a bit more control over the atmosphere.

Why Dresden Files?

Most of us enjoy the books, but the real draw of the Dresden Files setting is that it's got a place for just about any mythology -- and extraordinary mortals can still kick supernaturals in the teeth every once in a while! It doesn't hurt that the Dresden Files RPG runs on the Fate system (our personal favourite), which encourages openness, active player consent, and excellent roleplaying. If you haven't gotten a chance to try out Fate yet, don't worry! We always hold a quick rules tutorial at 7 PM on the first night of our LARP, and your storytellers and fellow players are always happy to help you out if you have questions.