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GenCon 2017

What's New for 2017?

We pride ourselves on trying out new storytelling techniques at each year's LARP — but this year, we get to try out some new technology, too! The geeks at Urban Myths have written up a custom web app we like to call our MythKit, and players will get to test out the beta this year! If you contact us, you'll get an access code for your character sheet so you can see it online ahead of time, and even print out a copy of your own if you like. On-site, we'll be giving you a character code along with a physical copy of your character sheet, so you can either use the sheet in your hand or just pull it up on your phone!

Players who have already signed up and contacted GMs will receive a registration code when registration opens. Players who show up to games during the convention will receive a registration code on-site.